As the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage commences, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has moved to ease concerns among pilgrims regarding the ongoing strike by the National Labour Congress (NLC). In a statement released recently, NAHCON assured that the strike will not affect the Hajj airlift, and pilgrims will be transported to Saudi Arabia as scheduled.

Despite the strike, NAHCON has made significant progress in airlifting pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. As of day 19 of the Hajj airlift, 37,102 pilgrims have been transported, excluding officials and other stakeholders involved in the operations. This feat was achieved through efficient flight operations, with an initial three flights per day increasing to a maximum of six flights daily.

NAHCON has also confirmed that all pilgrims will be transported to Saudi Arabia before June 10, 2024. With only 13,176 pilgrims remaining to be airlifted, the Commission is working diligently to ensure a smooth and successful Hajj experience for all. Max Air, the designated carrier, has provided two operational aircraft, with one available as standby, to facilitate the airlift.

Image from Premium Times Nigeria

Pilgrims from various states, including Kaduna, Gombe, Borno, Zamfara, Adamawa, Kebbi, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), will be airlifted in the coming days. Additionally, all South-South states will be airlifted in a single flight, while Taraba is yet to commence its airlift as scheduled. Kwara, Jigawa, Niger, and Sokoto continue with the airlift of their pilgrims, ensuring a steady progress.

In conclusion, NAHCON’s assurance and efficient operations have instilled confidence among pilgrims, and we pray for a successful and blessed Hajj experience for all.

May Allah accept our ibadah and grant us a successful and blessed Hajj. Amin.

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