UMRAH FORM 1441AH (2019/2020)

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About your Children

Do you have children?

If you have answered yes to this question, kindly note that further details will be required to be sent to us

Previous Application

Have you performed Umrah before?

Have you performed Hajj before?

Have you ever had cause to stay in the Saudi Kingdom for Umrah period to Hajj period?

Have you applied for a Saudi visa before?

Have you ever been refused a visa for Saudi?

Have you ever been refused entry to Saudi or had to leave to enter or remain cancelled?

Have you ever been refused a visa for another country?

If your answer to these preceding questions, please give details

Medical History

Do you suffer any of the following illness(ess)?




High or Low Blood Pressure

Whooping Cough

Asthma Cough



General body ache after little stress


If you have answered yes to any of the Medical History questions, please answer the following questions

How often do you have this illness?

When was your last treatment?

Is your illness hereditary?

Have you had any serious illness or disease in the past that has been cured?

What was the nature of the illness?

How long did you suffer from the illness?

What was the medication/drug administered on you?

Do you require any special attention or assistance during your stay in Saudi Arabia due to old age?

Do you require a wheel chair or stretcher in performing your rites?

Do you have any form of deformation?

If Yes, please state your deformation?

Your Finances and Employment Details

What is your present job?

When did you start the job?

What is your work address

Your Telephone Number

Email address

How much money is available to you for your stay in Saudi Arabia?

Who is paying for your pilgrimage?

Sponsor's Contact Address

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Request for Additional Services/Information

In the Presence of Next of Kin







I hereby certify that the above statements are true to the best of my stay in Saudi Arabia. I shall abide by all the laws and regulations of the Kingdom, I am aware that alcohol, drugs, narcotics and indecent publications violating public morality and all types of religious or political pamphlets are prohibited from entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether for personal use or otherwise. I accept that if I violate the laws and regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I shall be subjected to a penalty. I am aware that Airline ticket, once issued before notification of cancellation cannot be refunded.

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