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Some uncommon travel tips every tourist should know

Some uncommon travel tips every tourist should know

Sunscreen. Cream in the form of sun on blue background with white tube

Don’t be afraid to load up on sunscreen

Unless you want to end your vacation with sunburns and sunspots, don’t forget to carry a bottle of sunscreen everywhere you go. Your skin will thank you later!

I’m certain that you’ll spend most of your vacation outdoors, walking from one place to another, so it’s better to protect your skin with some sunscreen.

Even if your destination isn’t a tropical country, wearing sunscreen is always a good choice to prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure. It’s a lifesaver even during colder seasons!

Laptop, plane tickets, coffee, cappuccino and credit card lies on the table

Bring more than 1 debit and credit card

Most people prefer travelling with cash as it’s more efficient for small purchases, but debit and credit cards are helpful if you’re in the mood to splurge a bit more. 

If possible, try to bring more than 1 card because banks tend to flag overseas transactions, even if you’ve informed them before going out of the country. 

Another benefit of multiple cards is travel perks and rewards for overseas spending. And you never know, you may even be entitled to a free seat upgrade on your flight home.

Slim leather wallet for men in pocket

Get rid of your money belt

Let’s set the record straight: money belts are simply uncomfortable when doing lots of walking, no matter how many tourists are wearing them. I’d strongly recommend ditching those if you’re thinking of getting one. 

It’s extremely awkward to use, too. Every time you need to pay for something, it looks like you’re going through your underwear, which only exposes where you’re keeping your money. 

Personally, I’d say the best way to keep your wallet when travelling is the old-fashioned way: putting it inside your front pocket or the inside pockets of your bag.

Google Maps application icon on Apple iPhone X screen

Know how Google Maps’s offline feature works

Did you know that it’s possible to access Google Maps overseas without an international data plan? It comes with an offline feature that only a few people know about – which is extremely helpful when you’re on the road in a foreign country!

Before leaving your Airbnb or hostel, connect to the Wi-Fi and type “OK maps” into the search bar. There will be a pop-up box that says “download map?” Clicking that should make the entire map available even when you’re not connected to the Internet!

It’s an amazing hack that will save you from spending money on expensive international data plans!

Woman holding smartphone in horizontal orientation taking photo of papers, using a scanner app for taking copies of the documents

Scan important documents and send a copy to your email

Regardless of your destination, there will be pickpockets preying on unsuspecting tourists. Nowadays, thieves aren’t just after your money but your documents as well. 

Before hopping on your flight, scan a copy of your passport, debit and credit cards, plane ticket, and hotel booking, and then send them to your email. You can even password protect these documents so that no other person can access them. 

So, in case, your valuables get stolen, you can present these copies to the embassy as proof of identification to get replacement documents. 

Hand showing peace gesture through torn yellow paper background

Pick up on useful hand gestures

It’s never easy communicating with locals when you don’t know the language, but hand gestures are an international language and will always come in handy for tourists!

A simple hand gesture can not only help us find places to eat, but also available beds in hostels and the nearest train station should we get lost.

You’ll be surprised to discover people who don’t share the same language can understand each other through simple hand gestures!

Google Translate application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up

Download Google Translate

Google Translate can do more than translate texts. It also comes with a camera feature that translates signs, menus, posters, and anything else we can’t read in a foreign language!

If you’re visiting a country where locals don’t speak English, using Google Translate can make communicating with them a bit easier.  You won’t be relaying an accurate translation, but locals will at least know what you’re talking about!

Google Translate will also definitely save you some embarrassing moments at restaurants when you don’t know what to order because you can’t understand anything – which happens to all of us!

Lifehack; Tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to your luggage to save a lot of time to check if it's your bag or not

Put a mark on your luggage

Do you want to know what every tourist’s worst nightmare is? It’s when someone at the airport mistakenly takes their luggage. You don’t want to know how stressful it is to deal with this type of situation. 

So one of the best travel tips I can give is to place an obvious marker (like a large luggage tag) on your bags or even stick on some bright-coloured stickers. 

Not only will this make identifying your luggage easier from a mile away, but it’ll make it stand out from rows of similar bags!

wet wipes soft beauty on pink background

Bring a pack of baby wipes

Something that can help with the exhaustion after a long-haul or red-eye flight are baby wipes!

Wiping your face and neck with baby wipes after a long flight can make you feel refreshed and energised to start exploring right away! They’ll even come in handy when you have no time to shower for the day. 

You have nothing to worry about possible skin effects as baby wipes are generally gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic!

A young woman wearing face mask is traveling on airplane

Preparing for your future travels

Do you have your own way of travelling smart? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

By the way, are you already planning for your travels? We’d love to help you out! Send us a message and we will ensure to make your travel a memorable one.


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