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Some things tourists find strange about Nigerians

Visiting Nigeria can be a mind-blowing experience as there are so many places to see, cities to visit, and cultures to explore. Certainly, along with the excitement of travelling to or living in a foreign land comes the possibility of the visitor experiencing some form of culture shock. A number of tourists who have visited or lived in Nigeria have […]

Some uncommon travel tips every tourist should know

Don’t be afraid to load up on sunscreen Unless you want to end your vacation with sunburns and sunspots, don’t forget to carry a bottle of sunscreen everywhere you go. Your skin will thank you later! I’m certain that you’ll spend most of your vacation outdoors, walking from one place to another, so it’s better to protect your skin with […]


Size: One million(1,000,000) square meters capacity: Can accommodate two(2) million people Receives twenty (20)million visitors yearly Is open twenty four(24) hours. Is never closed Has 1800 cleaners Has 40 electric sanitary cleaner cars Has 60 electric sanitary machines for cleaning the open courtyards Has 2000 Sanitary bins spread all over the premises The floor is covered with 40000 carpets (longer […]

Beauty and the rocks: Idanre Hills

The hills of Idanre are found in Ondo State in the southwest of Nigeria, about 300 kilometres from Lagos. The hills are about 680 steps from the bottom to the peak and have mysterious handwritings etched into the rock, which has never been decoded. It includes such cultural sites as “Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi […]

The perfect getaway to relax and ease your mind

HOV Beach Resort is a traditional beach house carved entirely in the heart of Ilashe beach Lagos Nigeria. Due to its unique location, HOV Beach Resort offers a panoramic view of the ocean and at the same time, it ensures privacy and tranquillity. HOV Beach Resort is only a 5 minutes walk away from the jetty once you arrive at […]


Contrary to popular perception, Dubai (and the rest of the emirates) did not just pop out of the ground in the 1990s. Due to oil wealth, the city-state has become known for its adult Disneyland escapades as it capitalized on its wealth – and many think that’s all there is. While Dubai has an “old town” – a section of […]



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